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Did you know?

NOUWAY is not a traditional consignment store, we source our products in 2 gender-neutral categories: adult, baby & kid ; from stylish fashionistas, local creators, local designers and local entrepreneurs in Canada.

NOUWAY aims to highlight ambitious, conscious and creative people, local brands and local shops that help to give a second life to products with minimal impact on the environment.

A little boy with a skateboard, three women waering clothes and a vase

Who are the vendors I can buy from on this platform?

We are proud to partner with the 8 incredible fashionistas, local designers, entrepreneurs, shops and brands from Ontario (Toronto) and Quebec (Montreal) listed below.

They trust NOUWAY to regularly select some of their products from their inventory which we then put on sale exclusively for you on our platform. Currently, we have an offer of more than 300 quality items respecting our specifications and our values: elegant, bold, timeless.

All their pieces have been double checked by our team. They are perfect for you or for a gift idea! By the way, have you seen our gift card option?

We asked our local collaborators to also describe their universe or values in 3 words:

Adult category

  • A&C Accessoires (Accessories) Happy, Creative, Convenient 

A&C Accessoires offers a delightful array of accessories like headbands, scrunchies, tote bags and pouch bags that infuse vibrancy into your style while allowing for imaginative and practical use.

  • Antique (Clothing, Shoes & Accessories) Elegant, Confident, Patterns

Antique presents an exquisite collection of clothing, shoes and accessories like handbags and jewels that exude timeless sophistication, often adorned with intricate designs.

  • Cool Guyz (Clothing & Accessories) Bold, Laid Back, Hipster

Cool Guyz showcases edgy fashion and relaxed accessories for those seeking a trendy closet, gender-neutral outfits and laid-back style.

  • Raphy's collection (Clothing & Shoes) Chic, Bold, Sexy

Raphy's collection  provides chic, bold and sexy outfits perfect for parties and fancy events.

  • Fayza's collection (Clothing & Shoes) Colourful, Refined, Quality

Fayza's collection curates high level quality items, each possessing refined and colourful elements that make a lasting impact.

Kids category

  • Canopy Kids (Clothing) Adorable, Colourful, Fun

Canopy Kids thrifts superb secondhand outfits for babies and children, colourful and fun to wear.  

  • Mini Mighties (Clothing) Easy, Cute, Versatile

Mini Mighties specializes in effortless, adorable secondhand clothing options for kids that are as versatile as they are cute.

  • Petit Cirque (Toys) Entertainment, Precious, Sturdy

Petit Cirque offers entertaining and precious toys designed to withstand playtime while offering endless entertainment.

Find a vendor

Do you need help finding which local partner or brand is associated with which product?

It's simple. Look at the bottom of each product in our *SHOP* gallery to see the partner's name. You can also use our filter named "vendor" to find your favourite or discover a new brand or partner. 

Children, a man and a woman wearing clothes and holding a vase

What does it take to sell with us? How to apply? 

Discover our 5 criteria to sell with us and see if your brand matches our values.

  1. Be based in Canada: We seek to collaborate with fashionistas and local entrepreneurs who live and/or operate in Canada. We value supporting the local economy and strengthening community ties.
  2. Quality and minimal waste: We favor minimal waste items, products that are preloved, upcycled, recycled, renovated, crafted, handmade responsibly with natural ingredients or reusing scraps. 
  3. No luxury brands: We focus on accessible products that offer a sustainable alternative to the fast fashion and harmful consumption. We encourage entrepreneurs to offer items that align with our vision of environmental responsibility and affordability.
  4. Joint selection: We will work hand in hand with our partners to select the articles that will be offered on our platform. We look for products that reflect our aesthetics, our commitment to quality and our commitment to sustainability. We also look for pieces that match our values: elegant, bold and timeless.
  5. Exclusivity at NOUWAY: We ask that all selected items are exclusively available at NOUWAY, which means only on our platform during the time of our collaboration. This allows us to guarantee a unique offer to our customers and to reinforce our identity as a differentiating e-commerce platform.


If being part of our sales team sounds like a melody in your heart and you match our criteria, take 5 min to apply by clicking on here or by contacting us directly at hello@nouway.com