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The founder, Vanessa “Ness” (she/her) loved digging in her mom and grandma’s closets to find vintage items when she was a little girl. Every piece she could borrow was an opportunity for a unique adventure! As an adult she continued to buy secondhand, finding treasures around the world. She started selling pre-loved items, always with the pride of making someone else fall in love with them again.

Ness the founder at a vintage market

Ness is not only passionate about secondhand, but she loves connecting with bold and brave people who try to make the world a better place. She launched NOUWAY INC. in 2023, with the goal of making sustainable shopping a simple, fun and reliable experience for everyone, customers and sellers.  

Ness the founder

“Consumption is like going on vacation. There are those looking for an all-inclusive hotel and those who want to explore beyond the beaten path, yearning for a unique adventure. NOUWAY is aimed at those people.” - Ness 


Out of love for her French-speaking culture and her English-speaking adopted culture, Ness wanted to give her concept a name that was easy to pronounce and worthy of meaning in the two languages dear to her heart. NOUWAY is a happy mix between “nous” ("we" in French) and “way”. It's our way of life, for every day, for everyone.

By the way, if you hadn't noticed, the entire site is bilingual! Feel free to change the language at the bottom of the page.


Four models posing while wearing the clothes sold at nouway.com

Three words: simple, fun, reliable

NOUWAY is a user-friendly online marketplace, which highlights a selection of quality products with limited impact on the environment, from local brands.

We select fashionable yet timeless, versatile and durable goods for adults, children and the home.

You will find high quality curated secondhand, refurbished, upcycled, recycled and made-from-scratch items with always a little touch of originality, the "je ne sais quoi" that makes all the difference. Like a consignment shop or an online thrift store.

Everything is classified as gender-neutral, we leave it up to our customers to define what makes them happy without any rules.

"With this new generation of marketplace, I want to build a warm, friendly and inclusive place to easily find creative and sustainable items. We are serious, without taking ourselves too seriously." - Ness, the founder of NOUWAY.

By shopping at NOUWAY, you will easily find one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant to be treasured and make you feel your coolest, while helping to keep the planet cool too! You got it - it’s a win-win 


We believe that we can all contribute in big ways and small to societal change. If you're the type of person who is looking for quality and believes in challenging the status quo to reduce waste, then NOUWAY is for you.

We want to help people make a responsible transition by facilitating access to local brands and designers who minimize impact on our planet. We are committed to highlighting brands that contribute to a better world and match with our spirit: serious, but without taking ourselves too seriously! 

With that in mind, we select quality durable pieces: trendy but timeless, versatile, cute, with beautiful colours and materials. Our selection of items is designed to please you and to last.

A vendor with a photographer

“The good that pollutes the least is the one that already exists. So let's give it twice the love.” - Ness, the founder of NOUWAY

The creation of a different kind of distribution circuit: honest, on a human scale, and more selective, is paramount to us. So, here comes NOUWAY. The place where we love twice as much.


More than online shopping, NOUWAY invites you to be part of a caring community. We want to create a positive experience for our consumers and our sellers, which goes beyond a simple purchase.

At NOUWAY, we aim to create a tribe - a community of trust between you, us and sellers. If you believe in making an environmental difference by exploring other possibilities for consumption - while having fun - then we are definitely part of the same team!

You can chat with the NOUWAY team anytime, help us improve, share your ideas and your feedback. You can also subscribe to the NOU’sletter to get updates, tips and feel good content.

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Kim, Léa, Vivian and Charlène, the NOUWAY's model